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We recycle your skip rubbish

Posted in Recycling Skip Waste by Skiphire UK on September 10th, 2013

Here at Skiphire UK we understand about carbon footprints and we try our hardest to recycle as much rubbish as possible to help keep Co2 emmissions down. Recycling your waste helps us to do our bit and save energy. Piling up waste at the tip doesn't help the environment but actually harms the earth which is why we are so keen to recycle as much skip waste as possible. We are all producing more waste than ever at the moment, from buying more products and having more people to buy products, and all of these products coming with packaging. It's essential to keep recycling to help keep the planet full of energy and ensure a bright future.

We send at least 90% of your waste to a MRF (Material's Recycling Facility) as well as sending anything else direct for recycling.

Skip Hire UK offer low costs for skip hire, we can provide skip hire anywhere in the country with delivery and collection charges included.


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