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 Here at Skip Hire UK, we get asked a wide range of different questions about our service, so to help you out and provide some of the answers you need, we thought we’d collate 15 of the most frequently asked questions with those all important answers you’ve been looking for

1. What size skip do I need?

This will of course vary on how much and what it is you are looking to dispose. One tip is to be realistic about skip size as it may work out cheaper for you to order one larger skip as opposed to two small ones. Our website contains detailed information on the suitability of our mini, midi, builders and large skips for your particular project. 

2. Does my driveway need to be a particular size?

 To make sure we can drop off your skip on your driveway without significant problems, a driveway width of 2.75m should be enough to accommodate one of our vehicles.

3. My driveway isn’t large enough, can my skip go on the road?

 Yes your skip can go on the road however a permit will need to be sourced. The price and notice required to be given to the council varies across the country, yet we can take care of this for you and inform you of the process in your area.

4. I don’t want to pay for a permit, are there any other options?

If you don’t want to pay for a permit, we do offer a ‘wait and load’ service where a driver will wait for you whilst you load up the skip. Feel free to contact us for more information on this.

5. How long can I hire the skip for?

Our prices include the hire of a skip for up to 10 days. Additional features included in your overall price include the delivery, collection and then the disposal of the waste afterwards.

6. How soon can I get my skip?

In some instances we can get the skip you require to you on the very same day, however if not, then by calling before 12pm we will have it with you the next day.

7. How can I pay for my skip?

We can take a card payment when you order the skip so once this has been processed, you won’t need to stay in and wait for the delivery of the skip as we will simply drop it off at your address.

Be sure to check out our next post which answers a few more of the questions we are commonly asked and remember, for the best skip hire service across the UK, which you can find out more about by clicking here, make Skip Hire UK your number one choice.

8. What happens if the waste goes above the side of my skip?

In order to ensure safe transportation, your skip needs to be level loaded. If you are struggling to achieve this, your best option is to hire a second skip to accommodate your additional waste and avoid the possibility of us arriving to collect your full skip only to find we can’t due to it being overloaded.

9. If I need a second skip, when will it arrive?

We always attempt to provide our customers with skips as quickly as possible when ordering the first skip. For subsequent skip orders we will advise you of the anticipated delivery date to keep you informed and help you to plan your requirements as accurately as possible.

10. Will a heavy skip damage my driveway?

A full, heavy skip does have the potential to damage blocked paving or tarmac. Stabilising equipment will need to be deployed if your skip is particularly heavy, whilst wood can be utilised to spread the load and reduce the risk of any damage.

 11. What can’t go into my skip?

There are a number of items which aren’t suitable to be disposed of in your skip, including fridges and freezers, tyres, TV’s and hazardous or toxic materials. Our team will be able to advise you on what is acceptable to dispose of into the skip.

12. What access do you require?

Your skip will obviously be arriving on the back of one of our lorries, so you need to ensure suitable access is available to the location where you want your skip to be deposited. If access isn’t available when we arrive to drop off or collect your skip, you may have to pay a wasted trip charge.

13. Will my waste be recycled?

We attempt to recycle as much of the waste we collect as possible, with at least 90% of our skips sent to a Materials Handling Facility so that anything that can be recycled, is recycled.

14. How can I be sure you dispose waste responsibly?

At Skip Hire UK we are fully licensed with the Environment Agency to deal with waste and have a team with well over 20 years worth of experience, which should leave you with the confidence that we will dispose of every item of waste you produce responsibly.

15. How do I order?

You can order a skip from us by calling 0845 241 3488 or alternatively buy online through the website.