5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Recycle at Home

Here at Skip Hire UK, we take great pride in the high recycling rates we achieve from all waste collected through our skip hire service and want to encourage more people, both young and old, to do the same! If you have are a young family, getting your children involved in the recycling process is vitally important as making them aware of the positive impact recycling has at an early age will increase the chances that they will continue to recycle throughout their life.

To help you encourage your kids to get into recycling, detailed below are five ways we at Skip Hire UK believe you can be successful;

Create a Rewards Scheme

To build enthusiasm around recycling, create a rewards scheme so that every time your child recycles their waste correctly they receive a star, with a certain number of stars resulting in a reward. You can create a chart that is kept on the wall in your kitchen with every family member collecting stars and rewards for successful recycling.

Label Bins

If you have different recycling bins for different products, make sure these are clearly labelled so your little ones know exactly what goes where; this is more likely to encourage them to dispose of waste into the correct recycling bin as opposed to simply throwing it away in the general waste.

Head Out to a Recycling Plant

Let your children see what happens after the waste they have put in their recycling bins is collected by heading out to a recycling plant. This will give them an opportunity to see the next stage of the process and maybe even talk to those who work there to find out what the machinery does and where the waste goes next.

Talk About the Benefits

You also need to let your children know why you are trying to recycle more as a family, so inform them of the benefits recycling more of their waste can offer. For instance, letting them know that paper comes from trees and to protect the trees we need to recycle more of the paper we have now may strike a chord and encourage them to do so.

Lead by Example

As with anything as a parent, you need to lead by example as your children will always look up to you for guidance, so if you want to increase the rate of recycling in your home, you need to be doing so yourself first and foremost.

Calling upon us here at Skip Hire UK is a highly effective way of leading by example if you are looking for responsible waste disposal following a home improvement or refurbishment project, so contact us and follow these top tips to encourage your kids to recycle at home.

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