Roll On Off Skips vs Skips

When you are looking for a skip to dispose of your rubbish it is important to choose the correct skip or bin for the job. Depending on what waste you need removed from the site depends on which you skip you can choose from as each skip has its own guidelines. From your basic rubbish skip to asbestos removal, it is important to know which one to use as you don’t want to take back the skip because the skip is unable to take that specific waste.

The different size skips are designed for both domestic and business use and are suitable for very bulky items. They are ideal for moving house, moving offices or if you are having an extension fitted onto your house as none of these materials are toxic or hazardous in any way. The Roll On Off Skips on the other hand are designed hold all waste types including asbestos and hazardous waste, which is of course extremely beneficial in construction. With many buildings needing asbestos removed from the property and buildings, the Roll On Off Skips are the best way to remove this hazardous waste.

For more information on Skip Hire, along with our Roll On Off Skips, please contact our skip hire specialists.

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