Why Should You Use A Mini Skip?

There are plenty of containers available for skip hire in Wolverhampton and the rest of the Midlands with Skip Hire UK. One of the most popular skips we offer is the mini skip. While you may be sceptical of their size, don’t be fooled! Mini skips are actually a very practical solution for many people, so here’s why you should hire one today.

Why Hire A Mini Skip?

There are a lot of skip options out there, and each is suited to some tasks better than ever. Mini skips can be used for any number of reasons, so why not hire one today?

  • Convenient – Birmingham, Coventry and Wolverhampton are all bustling cities with large residential areas. Often, a full size builders or large skip cannot be conveniently placed on your property. This is where a mini skip comes into play. Even with their small size, mini skip is more than capable of handling up to two tons of rubble or hardcore! Their small size also means they can be located easily on your property, negating the need for any on road permits. For a quick and convenient way of getting rid of your bulky waste, consider mini skip hire in Wolverhampton from Skip Hire UK.
  • Cost Effective – If you are undertaking a smaller building project, like a quick garden remodelling, our mini skips offer you a cost-effective way of containing all of your waste. Many people don’t have a car large enough to transport all of this rubbish to be disposed of, and multiple trips can see fuel costs go up and up. Why not hire one of our mini skips instead? You’ll have a safe and secure place to put all of your waste, and we’ll collect it and dispose of it for you!
  • Takes A Variety Of Different Waste – Whether you’re landscaping, redecorating, cleaning out some old junk or doing a quick renovation job, our mini skips can take all of your waste. Rubble and hardcore are particularly suited for disposal with a mini skip. Once we’ve collected your skip, we’ll recycle as much of your waste as possible, and dispose of the rest in a safe, responsible way. Please note, there are some items we do not carry in our skips. Please contact us today for a full list.
  • Available Across The UK – The beauty of our mini skip hire service is that we offer it across the whole of the UK; we don’t just offer skip hire in Wolverhampton you know! Any urban area, particularly large cities like London or Manchester where a larger skip would cause problems, can be serviced by one our mini skips. Prices do vary dependent on location however, so call us today before you hire!

Cheap Mini Skip Hire In Wolverhampton And The Whole Of The UK

Call us today on 0845 241 3488 to get a quote for skip hire in Wolverhampton, or any of the other areas we cover with our service. You can also hire your skip on our website using our quick and easy online booking process.

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