Why you may need a Roll On Off Skip

Part of managing the waste material from your projects is ensuring that you are certain of the amount of waste that will be produced, not just in terms of volume, but also in weight. Knowing this will let you choose the correct skip for your waste. If you are unsure then please talk to our staff, who are very experienced in helping our clients plan their waste management. If you are expecting a lot of heavy aggregate (rocks and concrete to you and me) you may find that a standard large skip will not come close to accepting the weight of the waste you need to have removed from the site.

The main reason why standard large skips can’t take large weights is because they need to be lifted onto the back of the truck and the davits can’t take such a huge weight. Roll On Off skips can take this weight because they are not lifted onto the truck, the skip forms the trailer of the truck, so they can take a lot more weight than standard style skips.

If you think you may need the extra load capacity of a Roll On Off skip then please do discuss it with our staff. They can help you determine if this extra capacity will be required as well as helping you organise your hire and any other requirements for your project. 

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