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Don’t get caught out – use a registered waste carrier!

Failing to dispose of waste responsibly could leave you facing a fine of up to £250,000, and even 6 months in prison and a criminal record. To avoid this heavy penalty, and ensure that the waste you need to dispose of is always processed efficiently and legally it is essential that you use a registered waste carrier like Skip Hire UK.

Waste which has been disposed of irresponsibly can cause damage to the environment, pose a significant health hazard, and cost a fortune to clear up every year. As the party producing the waste, you are responsible for ensuring that you work with a licenced waste carrier who will process materials at a licenced site.

At Skip Hire UK, we operate a responsible waste management policy and comply with all relevant environmental legislation which covers the disposal of waste materials. Work with Skip Hire UK and enjoy the peace of mind that;


• We are fully licenced to process waste.
• We process all materials using only fully licenced sites.
• We will never dump or burn waste illegally.
• We regularly check our process to ensure that standards are maintained and licences are kept up to date.

 To learn more, take a look at the Environment Agency website;

Or see this report taken from the BBC Rogue Traders website;

Rogue Traders

Remember that your waste is always your responsibility, and make sure that you always choose to work with a fully accredited waste management company like Skip Hire UK, who consistently maintain the highest standards when processing waste materials.