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About Us

Building projects, house clearances and garden clean ups can produce an extraordinary amount of waste. In fact with many DIY projects you can quickly end up with more waste than you can comfortably take to the tip yourself without ruining your car!

Skip Hire UK provides a range of Skips for Hire. Our service is UK wide, but uses local, accredited suppliers, giving you peace of mind that your waste will be dealt with in a legal and environmentally friendly manner. We have a number of skip sizes suitable for all volumes and types of waste, as well special skip hire solutions to deal with potentially hazardous waste that can be encountered in some DIY projects.

Our team are very experienced in determining the waste requirements of any size and type of project which means that we are able to advise you about your project and make certain that your skip hire will be sufficient to handle the amount of waste material your work will produce, while still being a completely cost effective waste management solution.

In the event that you will need to place your skip on the road or pavement you would need to apply for a Skip Permit from your local council. We will arrange the necessary paperwork for you, place the skip correctly and process the waste for you on removal.

Skip Hire UK is an Approved Waste Carrier which means you can be assured of our dedication to the responsible handling of your waste, and that we only use environmentally sound disposal methods and technologies to ensure that whatever is recyclable in your waste will definitely be recycled to minimise the impact to the environment. In light of the new environment agency civil sanctions, it is more important than ever to use a fully licensed and compliant waste management company as even householders could now be liable to fines of up to £250,000 under these new regulations.

Skip Hire UK is one of the largest online providers of Skip Hire services across the UK. We have a reputation for value for money and old fashioned customer service. We are experienced in our industry and you can rest assured that you will get your waste removed by fully compliant company, in a timely manner.

Skip Hire UK Ltd is a “Waste Broker” and is best described below;

Q: When you buy insurance who do you buy from ?

A: A broker

Q: When you buy a holiday who do you buy from ?

A: An agent

Q: When you buy flowers who do you buy from ?

A: A network

Q: When you shop do you buy directly from the producer/manufacturer ?

Call us a broker, Agent or network, it is the same principal when you use Skip Hire UK. We bulk purchase from Skip Hire providers, package it in an easy to use format and sell the service via our National Call Centre or informative website passing  on the savings in time and price, directly to our customers.

No matter where you are in the country, we can provide skips to Manchester, London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Leicester.

Some of benefits of using Skip Hire UK are listed below 

  •         Order your skip online (click here

  •         Price Guarantee 

  •         Online account 

  •         Free Guide to Ordering a Skip and guide to Using a Skip Hire UK Ltd 

  •         Safe legal disposal of your waste 

  •         Efficient service 

  •         Value for money  

To order your skip online please click here or call us during opening hours on 0845 241 3488

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