Skip Hire Prices and Popularity

Ever wondered where the most popular places to hire a skip are? Read below to find out…

Average Skip Hire Prices in the UK

Skip Hire remains one of the best options available for waste disposal. With their simple and versatile design, ease of use and perceived low cost.  But the price for this popular option will often vary depending on the size of the container and the cost of disposal.

“Cheap skip hire” remains one of the most popular google searches today. “How much it costs to hire a skip”, is also a question we are asked daily, so we have produced a handy guide for anyone wanting to know the average cost of a skip across the UK.

What are the popular locations to hire a skip?

The eight locations found below in Table 1. are the most popular options available when hiring a skip in the UK.

Location 4-Yard Skip 6-Yard Skip 8-Yard Skip 12-Yard Skip Average
Skip Hire
£191 £242 £272 £379 £271
Skip Hire Birmingham £179 £272 £271 £386 £277
Skip Hire
£227 £272 £286 £388 £294
Skip Hire
£274 £293 £319 £402 £322
Skip Hire
£262 £274 £302 £445 £321
Skip Hire
£191 £n/a £272 £379 £281
Skip Hire
£231 £274 £291 £358 £289
Skip hire Derby £190 £269 £302 £380 £285


(The rates you see above all include VAT, however the cost of skip permits, and parking is not included)

As you can see the size of the container plays a big role in the cost. This is driven by the waste being disposed of and charged per tonne. The larger the container, measured in cubic yards, the more tonnes of waste it can hold resulting in a higher disposal cost.

However, this isn’t always the case, and skip hire companies will often consider other factors that make up skip hire costs. This could be anything from availability, hire periods, and general demand which can often inflate skip costs for smaller-size skips.

On average, the cheapest location to hire a skip is Coventry.  This is closely followed in joint second place by Hinchley and Birmingham.

The least popular locations to hire a skip

Sadly, if you happen to live in and around the locations listed in Table 2. then the popularity of rubbish removal could make your skip hire more expensive.

Table 2.
Location 4-Yard Skip 6-Yard Skip 8-Yard Skip 12-Yard Skip Average
Skip Hire
£244 £365 £326 £481 £354
Skip Hire
£311 £423 £464 £638 £459
Skip Hire
£304 £353 £427 £567 £413
Skip Hire
£155 £280 £234 £361 £334
Skip Hire
£222 £304 £353 £452 £333
Skip hire Chester £244 £365 £326 £481 £354
Skip Hire
£178 £267 £301 £452 £300
Skip Hire
£215 £320 £343 £401 £320


(The rates you see above all include VAT, however the cost of skip permits, and parking is not included)

Whilst a lovely place to visit, Plymouth comes out on top as the least popular place to hire a skip and the most expensive. This was closely followed by Bournemouth.

What are the most popular skip sizes available?

Skips come in a variety of containers so choosing the right skip for you can help you save some cash. To get you started, here’s a little bit more about each skip size:

4 Yard Skip

Our 4-yard ‘mini’ skip is our most compact waste container. It is ideal for smaller domestic refurbishments, DIY projects, and small garden clearances.

It might be a mini skip, but did you know it can hold around two and a half car boots full of waste? So, you can be sure this small, compact, and easy-to-load skip can handle most domestic refurbishments.

6 Yard Skip

Our 6-yard ‘small’ builders skip offers the perfect way to store waste when carrying out a medium-sized domestic project. It’s the perfect option when you are tackling domestic refurbishments, home clear-outs, or even small construction works.

Although its known as a small builder’s skip, it can hold as much waste as a VW Cadi Maxi Van! Easy to fit on most driveways and greater for the bulkier items.

8 Yard Skip

The traditional builders skip is the most popular skip size we offer and is the largest size available for soils and rubble due to weight limits.

The 8-yarder is ideal for most if not all projects, including general construction works and large domestic clearances. It can hold as much as a Ford Transit Van full of waste, so you can be sure it can handle all your bulkier waste items!

12 Yard Skip

The 12-yard skip is our largest size available to purchase online. A huge skip that’s suitable for bulky items of waste that are still light in weight!

Although it’s not suitable for soils and heavy rubble, it’s an ideal option for major construction works and those large clear-outs. It can hold the same capacity of waste as a full 8×6 garden shed, impressive right?

All four skip sizes are suitable for most waste streams, including general waste, mixed waste, garden waste, and construction waste. However not all materials are suitable for skips, so be sure to check out our list of restricted items.

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Is there an alternative to skip hire?

If you live in one of the expensive locations and need a low-cost alternative, there could be a better option for you.

SkipHire UK provide a low-cost alternative to skip hire which includes 30 minutes free labour.  Our Man & Van Rubbish Removal service is commonly cheaper when looking at smaller waste removal or items that are not permitted in a skip collection.

Another reason to choose a man and van collection is when you don’t have room for a skip on your drive or you may require a skip hire permit to place a skip on the road.  Our man and van collection remove the need for skip hire permits saving additional time and cost.

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