Car Parts Ready For Recycling

Whilst recycling has taken over most aspects of contemporary waste disposal, some components which seem to have slipped past many people’s notice are car parts. Now, most people understand that recycling a car, as a whole, is a necessary thing, but few consider the individual parts as recyclable by themselves.

Car Parts Ready For Recycling

If you’re looking to recycle old car parts in the South-West, either in a functional or dysfunctional state, then you should take advantage of the most reliable and affordable skip hire in Bristol and across the country!

Car Parts Ready For Recycling!

  • Batteries – Automotive batteries have an increasingly high recycling rate within the UK. In many cases, as much as 90% of all automotive batteries are recycled, which is a huge difference between automotive and other battery types. The average recycling rate of other batteries tends to even out at around 28%. We may not be able to receive this in our ordinary containers. If you do wish to recycle your car batteries, please get in touch so we can discuss a more specialised solution.
  • Plastics – When cars were first introduced, there was almost no plastic present in their design. Modern cars can have upwards of 120 kilograms of plastic in their design, in the form of bumpers, dashboards and even gear knobs.
  • Tyres – Whilst many companies who specialise in skip hire in Bristol and across the country are unwilling to accept tyres into their skips, such as ourselves, there is no end to the uses of a recycled tyre. As they are a mixture of rubber, hydrocarbon, sulphur and zinc oxide (amongst other compounds) there’s no end to the amount of uses that tyres can be recycled for. Tyres can even be used to provide the child-proof ‘mulch’ which forms the basis of many playgrounds throughout the world!
  • Glass – Recycled car glass is often considered extremely useless, but it is actually used in a whole range of new products. This range includes floor tiling, drinking glasses and even freshly-made jewellery!
  • Bodywork/Metals – Metals are, clearly, one of the more notable components of cars to be recycled. This is fortunate because most cars now weigh around 1300kg. This is around 500kg more than cars from the 1970’s did. Approximately 130kg of the car’s weight is composed of aluminium alone!

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