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Environmental Concerns with Skip Hire

Posted in Recycling Skip Waste by Skiphire UK on February 22th, 2013

When you think about waste skips I’m willing to bet that protecting the environment isn’t exactly your first thought. This is a shame because despite the negative press the industry surrounding the disposal of waste is dedicated to environmental protection and if we’re being brutally honest, we are in a far better position to save the planet than anyone who is tied to a tree.

At Skip Hire UK we are dedicated to the environmentally sound disposal of waste and are constantly looking for new ways to help lower the impact of waste upon the environment. We are involved in such schemes as those put forward by London Remade, an innovative program that endeavours to improve the recycling facilities and capabilities of the capital.

For more information about the environmental impact of waste products and how the various agencies and companies are trying to lower the impact of waste upon the environment please take a look at the agencies, associations and charities on our links page.


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