Summer Vs. Spring: When Should You Undertake That Big Clean?

Whilst tradition may say that Spring is the time to have the big, annual clear-out of your home, more and more people are deciding to do their spring cleaning during Summer!

Summer Vs. Spring: When Should You Undertake That Big Clean?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both times, but by making the most of our unbeatable Skip Hire in Northampton and across the Midlands, you can enjoy a much easier experience no matter the season!

Summer Vs. Spring: When To Have Your Big Clean!

If you undertake your spring clean in early March, like tradition states, you’ll have to face the fact that the sun sets sometime between 6 or 7pm. In Summer, however, the sun typically sets around 9pm, which leaves you a few extra hours to get some truly productive cleaning done! You may moan at those few hours whilst you are cleaning, but they’ll make the whole event pass by much quicker.

Particularly if you have a family, Summer translates to more hands around the house to help! The kids are off from school, and how else would they absolutely love to spend their day, besides helping you clear out their rooms and the entire house? Exactly. They may only help for an hour or two a day before they get bored, but that still translates to work that you don’t need to do instead.

Spring, on the other hand, typically tends to provide nicer weather. This is one of the main tenants behind Spring being the traditional ‘clear-out’ time, as you can throw your windows wide open to let some fresh air into the house for the first time since Autumn! On average, Spring tends to bring the fewest rainy days throughout the UK, so this could be the perfect time to avoid those dismal rain showers, dampening your mood.

If you do take advantage of the very best skip hire in Northampton, then you may not need to worry about rain making your waste more difficult to dispose of as, once it is in the skip, it will be taken care of by our incredible team for disposal. We recycle as much of your rubbish as possible, up to 95%, so you know it’s in good hands.

One of the major advantages of cleaning your house in the Spring is that, simply, it is over by the time the warmer weather starts to arrive. This means that you can put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the sunshine instead of tossing bags of rubbish into the perfectly sized skip that Skip Hire UK has provided for you.

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