What Size Skip is Best for a Kitchen Renovation?

What Size Skip is Best for a Kitchen Renovation?

If you’re facing up to a new kitchen refurbishment, you may be thinking, but where will the old one go?

From cabinets, tiles and appliances, a new renovation can generate a much waste, meaning choosing the right skip size is crucial. So, whether you’re after skip hire in London or skip hire in Leeds, you’re going to make sure you have the right equipment for the job in hand.

Considering factors such as space, cost, and environmental responsibility, we’ll help you pick the right skip size for your next kitchen makeover.

Factors to consider when choosing a skip size

When undertaking a new kitchen refurbishment, it’s important to pick the right skip size for your needs. Getting it right means a tidy workspace, efficient waste management and cost-effectiveness.

Here are some things to consider:

Volume of Waste: Estimate the volume of waste your kitchen renovation will produce. Cabinets, windows and doors will make up a large bulk. Will there be bags of waste from old fixtures or packaging materials too? For a standard kitchen overhaul, a 4-yard skip may suffice for smaller projects, but an 8-yard skip is commonly used for its ample space and versatility.

Types of Waste: Kitchens often involve a wide range of materials – wood, kitchen cabinets, countertops, plasterwork and glass from shattered appliances. Ensure any potentially hazardous or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) items such as ovens or microwaves are not placed in a skip

Space Availability: Consider the space in your property. Mini skips are great for space-restricted sites, whereas larger skips might need permits if placed on public land.

Renovation access: Ensure the skip size accommodates practical waste disposal solutions without obstructing site access and builders coming in and out.

Budget: The larger the skip, the more expensive it will be. Aim for a skip that fits your budget, but also factor in the potential added cost of hiring an additional skip if the first one isn’t big enough.

Different Sizes of Skips for Kitchen Renovations 

Determining your skip hire size will vary depending on your project. Fortunately, there’s a skip size that fits the scope of all the waste you’ll generate:

Mini Skips

Mini skips are the smallest option available, typically ranging from 2 to 3 cubic yards. They’re an excellent choice for small-scale kitchen updates that don’t produce much waste. Their compact size makes them an ideal fit for renovations in areas with limited space, ensuring they don’t take up too much room and can be easily accommodated within most properties.

Good for:

  • Replacing a few cabinet doors
  • Minor cabinet painting jobs
  • Swapping out small fixtures

In such scenarios, mini skips help you handle a modest amount of waste without overcommitting to a larger, unnecessary skip that could inflate costs.

4-Yard Skips

A 4-yard skip is perfect for those with a standard-sized kitchen renovation. With a capacity of approximately 3-4 cubic meters, this mid-size option can handle a more substantial amount of waste typically associated with renovating an average kitchen.


  • Large enough for waste from cabinets, countertops and appliances
  • Fits comfortably in most driveways
  • Strikes a balance between size and cost

This skip size can be the sweet spot for your renovation project, accommodating waste without requiring excessive pavement space or budget.

8-Yard Skips

When the scope of your kitchen renovation is large, possibly including remodelling of adjoining areas like downstairs bathrooms or open-plan living areas, an 8-yard skip can be a suitable choice.

These skips can hold roughly 6-8 cubic meters of waste, making them great for larger-scale projects.

Perfect for:

  • Complete kitchen cabinet removal and worktops.
  • Plasterwork

8-yard traditional ‘builders-style’ skips address the need for more substantial waste disposal while remaining economical and efficient for larger home improvement tasks.


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