A Green Odyssey Or What Happens To Your Garden Waste When It Gets Recycled

A Green Odyssey Or What Happens To Your Garden Waste When It Gets Recycled

So you’ve got in touch with Skip Hire UK for our cheap skip hire in Norwich to spruce up your garden. Perhaps you’re wondering what happens to all this green and garden waste once you’ve filled up your container and we’ve collected it? Well wonder no longer! Here, we reveal what typically happens to organic materials once they’re recycled.

How Organic Waste Is Recycled

First off, let’s quickly define what organic waste actually is. It may seem a little self explanatory but the term generally covers things such as grass cuttings, tree branches, hedge trimmings and other items of that nature. It’s called “green” as this rubbish is biodegradable and contains lots of nitrogen (as well as being coloured green, usually!) Once it’s been collected, it can be turned into a variety of useful products giving it a kind of second life.

Let’s paint a little picture. You’ve given us a call regarding skip hire in Norwich as you’re giving your garden a makeover. You’ve made all the necessary adjustments and changes, but you’ve been left with a container full of organic rubbish. We’ve come to whisk it away but what are we going to do with it now?

This waste may be taken to a specialised organic waste processing facility where it is allowed to decompose. This process happens in giant compost heaps, which often contain hundreds of tonnes of rubbish. The reason behind such big piles is that heat is essential for the bio-matter to break down. The bigger the pile the more heat so the process speeds up. Only garden waste, not food or organic materials that have come in contact with food, can be recycled using this method.

Screening is the next step in your garden waste’s journey. This is where it is carefully analysed to ensure that the material doesn’t contain any contaminants (i.e. non green waste) or harmful bacterias such as Salmonella.

The final part of the journey comes next. The decomposed waste is turned into compost which is known as “feedstock” compost. This is used to condition soil to provide a fertile, nutrient rich environment for plants and crops to grow. It can be used for people to update their gardens (maybe you’ve bought some yourself if you’ve got green fingers!) or in commercial spaces like farms or garden centres.

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