A Skip For Every Garden : A Garden Waste Clearance Guide

Been tasked with a garden clearance? Remove some of that burden and stress with our complete full and easy to follow guide.

A Skip For Every Garden : A Garden Waste Clearance Guide

Been tasked with a garden clearance? If the answer is yes, then figuring out how to clear all that waste can be a bit of a burden. If you are looking for a low-hassle, cost-effective solution to remove your waste, then SkipHire UK is here to help.

This easy-to-follow guide will provide you with all the help you’ll need when choosing a waste clearance solution that’s right for your garden, as well as removing some of the hassle.

So, here are our top tips and things to consider when planning your garden clearance…

How much time will my garden clearance take?

Before you can start on the dreaded clearance, you need to estimate how long it’s going to take. Like most things, knowing your deadline is critical to your planning; you need to give yourself enough time to complete the job at hand.

So, here is the first thing to ask yourself; how much time will my garden clearance take?

It’s important that you be realistic about your working pace. Don’t try to take on too much too quickly and put added pressure on yourself. Perhaps consider measuring out a small area of your garden, time how long it takes to clear that, then multiply up for the rest of your garden?

Once you’ve established your timescales, you can switch your attention to getting the job done!

Do I Need To Separate My Waste Types?

Once you know how long your garden clearance is going to take, hopefully you’ll be ready to make a start. This brings us to the second step of the guide – .

When separating your garden waste, we recommend that it is split into two different waste types; General Waste and Green Waste. Green waste is self-explanatory; it is all the waste that comes from the garden itself – grass, bushes, shrubs, weeds etc. The reason we advise this is because most councils offer collection of green waste for free, so you could end up saving money by only needing a mini skip!

General waste is different, and usually consists of items that have been placed in your garden. Whether it’s old garden furniture, old sheds, or plant pots, it’s all classed as general waste. General waste can also include soil, which is something that will arise from the creation of your green waste.

It is also worth making an inventory for your general waste, to identify which items you wish to keep, sell or throw away. If this is given some thought before the clearance begins, you are far less likely to dispose of something of value.

If you are unsure what waste types you have in your garden or fear it could be hazardous, visit our hazardous waste disposal guide for further assistance. Paint tins are a hazardous waste item that we often find incorrectly placed in the skip, an item that needs special care.

Reducing Your Amount

Next up we have some tips on how to compact your waste.

The majority of waste removal companies charge based on how much waste you have, or how many skips it will fill – so making less of it always helps. This is going to be a lot easier to do with your green waste, which is why separating waste is so important. You are going to be able to reduce the volume of waste items such as hedge cuttings or branches, much easier than bulky items like old garden furniture.

The bulkiness of your waste will also dictate what waste service is best for you, especially when it comes to the size of your service. The more volume your stockpiled waste takes up, the larger service size you are going to need, as there will be more to clear.

Choosing The Right Method For Disposal

So, you’re happy with the timescales for your garden clearance and your separated waste is nice and compact. Next up you need to pick a service. Because you’ve completed the previous steps, choosing your service is going to be easy, so let’s explore the options:

Skip hire

A skip is the perfect storage and disposal option for an ongoing or perhaps a longer-term garden clearance. Suitable for both green and general waste, our skips are available in four different sizes: 4-yards, 6-yards, 8-yards and 12-yards. Just remember, you’ll need space to put the skip on your property, or you’ll need a permit to place it on a public road. We can help with this too though, just give our skip hire permit guide a read to discover more.

If skip hire sounds like your cup of tea, you’re going to need to pick a size. When choosing a size, it’s important to think about the volume of your waste and how easy it will be to load. If you have large amounts of bulky waste that needs to be stored somewhere, you are going to need a larger size; maybe a 12-yard skip. This is where compacting your waste becomes important, as the larger the skip the more it is going to cost.

Still struggling to decide? Give our skip size calculator a visit for some further guidance.

Man and Van Waste Clearance

This cheaper alternative to skip hire is the perfect option when you need an urgent waste clearance. Our ‘Man and Van’ waste clearance does just what it says on the tin, simply call us up and we’ll send you a man and a van to do the rest.

Our expert team will arrive and clear your garden waste for you, removing any stresses and hassles. Because our Man and Van service also includes labour you won’t have the hassle of having to load it all up yourself.

As well as being a cheaper alternative to skip hire, you also won’t need a permit to book it.

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