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Skips and Waste Management

Posted in Waste Management by Skiphire UK on October 27th, 2013

Waste management may be quite a dull topic to most but it's an essential part of our living, we're all buying more products and therefore we have more waste to dispose of. Without waste management, we would be living in our own rubbish!

Your waste is your responsibility and dumping your waste on illegal ground may lead to a £5000 fine, which just proves the importance of disposing of waste appropriately.

Skip hire is a quick, easy and simple way for business and individals to have waste removed. During house renovation, garden redesigning or just a big spring clean you will end up with large amounts of rubbish to dispose of all at once, and your local council is unlikely to pick up that rubbish. Skip hire is the perfect solution for this as you don't need to carry waste to the tip, just order a skip to be delivered straight to your door and have it collected again once you've loaded it up.

We offer cheap skip hire services available to order online, by phone or email.


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