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Skip Hire UK and Recycling

Why Recycle?

May sound like a stupid question but it is a valid one. What benefit do we and the planet get from recycling?

The two key factors in the rising waste problem the planet faces are these:-

Improved healthcare and longevity of life means that there are more people on the planet today than there ever has been before. More people = more consumables = more waste.

Lifestyle and increasing wealth also play a major factor in our waste concern. If people earn more they buy more. With everything we buy comes packaging and the need to throw out the old goods that have been replaced. In our throw away society this means that per person we are producing more waste than ever.

So how does this affect the planet? Well, in all things that are made there is a manufacturing process and in the majority of these process’ natural resources are used. As an example if the whole world used as much natural resource as the UK we would need three planet Earth’s to sustain our current lifestyles. In short, we use more natural resource than the world has to offer. The easiest way to combat this is to re-use materials that we have already produced or in other words, recycle. This would ensure a brighter future for the planet and for the generations to come.