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Weird and wonderful items found in skip hire

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The Ultimate Glossary to Rubbish Removal

Here at SkipHire UK, we want to make waste understandable for everyone, whether it’s for…...

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7 Great Ways to Make Rubbish Removal Cheap

Here at SkipHire UK, we’ve studied the cost of rubbish removal in the UK and…...

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How to Handle Washing Machine Disposal Responsibly

Don’t know where to start when changing your old washing machine? The SkipHire UK Washing…...

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The Ultimate TV Disposal Guide

Want to know how to dispose of an old TV? Our ultimate TV Disposal Guide…...

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How to Tackle Rubbish Removal in Liverpool

With high population numbers and such an increase in trade, there is a strong need…...

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Top Tips for Rubbish Removal in DIY Projects

Want to remove the hassle of waste clearance from your DIY project so…...

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SkipHire UK's Paint Tin Disposal Guide

A colourful guide to dispoing of your old paint tins sustainably and responsibly...

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Keeping Your Cool : Safe and Compliant Fridge Disposal

Disposing of your old fridge and struggling to find a place to start? Follow this…...

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Clearing Out The Kitchen: Your Kitchen Renovation Guide

Planning a kitchen renovation can be just as daunting as it is exciting. You may…...

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Clearing Clutter: The House Clearance Guide

Struggling to know where to start when clearing out your house? We feel your pain.…...

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Fly-Tipped Waste: Who is responsible?

When it comes to fly tipped waste, do you know just how at risk you…...

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